SPCA Calls on Police to Help Remove Dogs from Hostile Pet Owner

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA had to call the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement for help after a dog owner became hostile towards the organisation’s Inspectors.

SPCA Inspectors were in possession of a court order – issued by the Bellville Magistrates Court – giving them the legal right to remove dogs that were confined to a small makeshift cage. The animals’ owner retaliated and obstructed the Inspectors from performing their duties.

The Complaint

According to Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse, the SPCA had received a complaint in mid-August this year concerning two pit bull-type dogs that were kept in unsuitable conditions.

“Our Inspectors investigated the same day and found two dogs in a very small cage of sorts. When questioned about why the dogs were in a cage, the owner said there wasn’t enough space for the children to play.”

The Inspector educated the owner and issued a written warning for the dogs to be removed from the cage.

After several follow-up inspections and more warnings, the owner refused to comply and continued to keep the dogs caged up.


Attempt to Educate

“We always try to educate pet owners first and issue warnings in the hope that problems will be corrected. In most cases, people generally comply and solve the issue. Sadly, our warnings fell on deaf ears this time,” said Pieterse.

The SPCA was obliged to obtain a court order to remove the dogs.


The Seizure

Both dogs were subsequently confiscated under the auspices of a court order issued by the Bellville Magistrates Court in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962, read together with Regulation 468. The dogs are now in the custody of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

“Our Inspectors are not deterred by intimidation tactics or threats. We have a job to do – to protect animals,” added Pieterse.

Criminal Charges

The dogs’ owner is now facing criminal charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 and could face a fine of up to R40,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment with a criminal record if found guilty.


The SPCA urges the public to  report cruelty to any animal  by calling

021 700 4158/9 during office hours or 083 326 1604 after hours

or by sending an email to inspectorate@spca-ct.co.za  

All reports are treated as confidential.

Our Inspectors found two dogs in a very small cage.

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