SPCA Inspectors Attacked, dogs rescued

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CAPE TOWN – On Monday, 25 July 2022 the Cape of Good Hope SPCA received several calls concerning a man walking with two severely underweight dogs in Lakeside, near Muizenberg. According to the complainants the dogs were not in good condition and required urgent intervention. The complainants offered assistance to the man, but he refused their offer of help. The complainants followed the suspect until the SPCA arrived. 
Inspectorate Cadet Inspector Links talking to the suspect before he fled the scene. Photo taken by one of the complainants.

SPCA response 

Cadet Inspector Eugene Links was the first on the scene. When Links approached the suspect to discuss the complaint and to inspect the dogs, the suspect became aggressive and hostile. The suspect refused to comply and fled the scene, running with the dogs in an attempt to get away from Cadet Inspector Links.

Links was hot on his heels and managed to follow him until backup arrived.

Emaciated and neglected - photo taken at the SPCA shortly after the rescue.

The man ran all the way from Lakeside with the dogs and was finally apprehended in Retreat. 

Arrival of backup

Inspector Werner Taljaard arrived shortly thereafter to assist Cadet Inspector Links, however, things took a turn for the worse.  

When Inspector Taljaard approached the suspect, the suspect reacted with hostile aggression. He pushed Inspector Taljaard several times and attempted to physically assault him.

When Taljaard backed off, the suspect incited his dogs to attack the Inspectors. The two dogs attacked Cadet Inspector Links, biting him on his arm.

The suspect then physically attacked and assaulted Inspector Taljaard who then had no other option but to defend himself by spraying the suspect with pepper spray.

Fortunately, Inspector Taljaard was able to restrain the suspect and arrested him. The suspect was taken to the Steenberg South African Police Service (SAPS) where he was formally charged and detained on charges of obstruction and assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Arrival of backup
The suspect after being detained by SPCA Inspectors

Both the dogs were confiscated and are now in safety at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.  

Cadet Inspector Eugene Links with the rescued dogs at the SPCA

Obstruction is a criminal offence 

It is a criminal offence for any person to obstruct an Officer of the SPCA. Obstructing an Officer of the SPCA can lead to arrest with criminal charges.

If found guilty, such person can be sentenced to a fine of up to R40,000 and/or 12 months’ imprisonment with a criminal record.

SPCA Inspectors at the Steenberg SAPS busy opening the criminal case

Report animal cruelty 

The public is encouraged to report any matters of animal cruelty to the SPCA by calling 021 700 4158/9 during office hours and 083 326 1604 after hours, or by sending an email to inspectorate@spca-ct.co.za 

The suspect after being detained by SPCA Inspectors

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