SPCA Pursues Justice for a Dog Hero Stabbed in a Violent Home Attack

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Courage and Tragedy never meet well, and they collided in the worst possible way on the 8th of March 2024. It was on this day that the SPCA met Angel, a dog with a stab wound to her neck and a knife, driven to the hilt, embedded in her head.

Angel intervened to protect her owner after she was stabbed by a man who then forced his way into the family home. Angel leapt to the defence of the already wounded Mrs Joseph in their home in Perth Road in Grassy Park, in a desperate bid to protect her from further harm. She was gravely wounded in the attack which only came to stop when Mr Omar Joseph entered the room and the attacker, disarmed of his knife which was lodged in Angel’s head fled the scene.

We shudder to think of how events may have played out that morning had Angel, in the face of horrific injury, not shown incredible courage and loyalty to her family regardless of the cost to her. Admitted to our animal hospital panting heavily and in terrible pain, Angel received immediate medical attention including the administration of IV Fluids and pain control to allow our veterinary team time to assess the extent of her wounds. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe, and we couldn’t save her. Angel was peacefully put to sleep surrounded by the family she essentially died to protect.

Shockingly, the attack on Angel’s owner was not an isolated incident. The same knife wielded by the same perpetrator had allegedly taken the life of a man in a separate, earlier act of violence. There is an unsettling reality to acknowledge here – the sobering connection between animal cruelty and human violence.

It’s one of the reasons why the work of our Inspectorate is so incredibly important. The suffering of animals aside, combating animal cruelty is crucial to fostering safer communities. When people treat animals well, it’s not only good for us and the animals, it’s good for them and the world around all of us for very many reasons including the fostering of compassion.

It’s too late for this victim though. All that’s left is for our Inspectorate to seek justice for her. We have begun compiling a case docket and a post mortem on Angel’s remains has been conducted by a qualified veterinary pathologist whose services were outsourced for this purpose. The suspect, currently evading authorities, faces charges under the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962, alongside additional charges for his other violent crimes.

We are steadfast in our commitment to justice for Angel. As the pursuit unfolds, please remember Angel not only as a victim but as a hero who sacrificed herself to protect her family. Please join us in honouring her memory by fighting with us for a kinder world for all.

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