Tethered, Tortured, Rescued

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Scar must’ve believed he was going for a walk.  He likely licked the hand that put the “leash” around his neck.  His tail must’ve wagged with joy as he set off with a heart filled with adventurous anticipation. He must’ve been confused when he was tied to a tree and then terrified as, with nowhere to run, he faced the brutal onslaught of 6 other dogs who were goaded to attack him.  His trusting heart must’ve broken into a million pieces when he realised he was worth nothing more to the children who had brought him here, than a piece of  bait on the end of a fishing hook. 

Hero One

Scar, outnumbered and tied to a tree had no chance at all……  until one individual stepped into the chaos like a hero to the rescue.  And thank goodness he did.  A badly injured Scar had a second fight for his life ahead of him but this time he wasn’t alone.  This time he had the help of a local animal rescue group who sought veterinary assistance for him at the closest private veterinary practice and called on our own team of heroes at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA – our Inspectors

Hero Two

Inspector Lee Prins was on the scene in Joostenberg Vlakte within minutes and immediately called on the assistance of the Kraaifontein South African Police Services. The two suspects, both minors, were arrested on charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962 and were taken into the custody of the Kraaifontein SAPS. The six dogs, essentially victims too, and a badly injured Scar were seized by Inspector Lee Prins in terms of the Animals Protection Act and criminal charges were laid.

In terms of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962 2.(1)(g) any person who liberates any animal in such manner or place as to expose it to immediate attack or danger of attack by other animals or by wild animals, or baits or provokes any animal or incites any animal to attack another animal shall, subject to the provisions of this Act and any other law, be guilty of an offence.

The Child Justice Act aims to set up a child justice system specifically for children in conflict with the law. In terms of this Act, children over the age of 14 have criminal capacity and can be arrested. 

Scar has since been transferred to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s animal hospital where our team of veterinary staff have taken over his care.

Things are looking up for Scar, who although still visibly traumatised after his ordeal is doing so much better! His wounds have been tended to and he is warm and comfortable.  And a little bit of love is going a long way towards mending his broken heart too! 

Scar presented with puncture wounds all over his body as well as old purulent wounds.
 Hero Three

Please be Hero number three?  There’s no doubt that Scar needs you too.  His road to recovery will be expensive and we don’t only need to settle the account with the private practice who treated him, we also have the costs of his ongoing care and the costs related to prosecution. 

We’re also striving to create a society where empathy and respect for all beings is instilled in the hearts of children. Through education, we can break the cycle of cruelty and ensure that animals do not suffer at the hands of children.

Please, join us in our fight for justice, healing, and compassion by making a donation now! 

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Scar was badly injured in a horrific act of cruelty

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