Two Dogs Rescued from Dire Hunger in Bloekombos

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Last week Inspector Mark Syce had to obtain a Court Order to remove several dogs from a property in Bloekombos. The dogs were in poor condition and living in dirty and parasitic conditions.

The complaint

An anonymous complaint was lodged with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, advising us that there were two dogs being kept on the property, neglected for almost a year, and not being fed or provided with veterinary care.

We were warned by the complainant that we would need to call in the assistance of the police because the owner is “very aggressive”.

The investigation

Upon his initial inspection, Inspector Mark Syce issued the owner with a written warning to seek veterinary care for the dogs and to provide them with better quality food. Two follow-up inspections later, the owner still failed to comply, simply ignoring Inspector Syce’s warnings. The dogs’ conditions were deteriorating leaving Inspector Syce with no other option but to apply for a Court Order to remove the dogs.

The court order

Inspector Syce submitted an application to the Kuilsriver court for an Order to be granted in terms of the Animals Protection Act, read together with Regulation 468, empowering Syce to seize the dogs and take them into the custody of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

In the application, Inspector Syce stated, “both adult dogs appeared to be in a worse condition than before and were observed to be in an emaciated condition,” and, “I also observed the animals living environment in a dilapidated state. Old and new faeces were scatted all over, the area was filthy. I did not observe potable water or any food source for the dogs.”

The court order was granted the same day and Inspector Syce made his way to the property to rescue the dogs and puppies.

The confiscation

Inspector Syce, accompanied by officials of the South African Police Service, entered the Bloekombos property to execute the Court Order.

As they entered the property a new dog was found that was tied to the front gate.

The owner aggressively approached Inspector Syce and started obstructing him from carrying out his statutory duties in terms of the Animals Protection Act and the Court Order that was granted earlier the day.

He tried to block Inspector Syce from confiscating the dogs, wielding a stainless-steel fork in his hand that he threatened Inspector Syce with.

The members of the SAPS had to intervene and remove the weapon from the owner.

On the property Inspector Syce found four (4) puppies enclosed in a small compartment with no proper light or ventilation. The other dogs were found living in dirty and parasitic conditions. The adult dogs were found to be emaciated.

A total of 3 adult dogs and 4 puppies were seized from the property.

Criminal charges

The owner will now be facing criminal charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act, and will also be charged with intimidation and obstructing Inspector Syce.

Dogs in a place of safety

All the dogs and puppies are now in the safe care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA where they received much-needed veterinary treatment. They have also been placed on a special diet to assist them with  healthy weight gain.

Bloekombos rescue of two emaciated, neglected dogs by Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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