Using a Puppy to Solicit Money Lands Vagrant Behind Bars

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA inspectorate recently pursued an ongoing investigation led by Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse in a matter involving a man who uses dogs to beg for money from people passing by. The inspectorate received several complaints about the repeat offender who usually finds himself at the corner of Buitengracht Road and Walter Sisulu Avenue intersection near the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

Mr Selwyn Taylor, who on a previous occasion, had been caught standing in the blazing sun with no water or shelter, already had his dogs removed by the SPCA. This past weekend he again reappeared with a cross breed puppy. On Sunday, 7 February 2022, Mr Taylor became irate and very aggressive when he was approached by Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse and obstructed him from performing his duty. The situation quickly escalated physically when the inspector attempted to remove the puppy.

Selwyn Taylor Selling Puppies

Picture:  Mr Taylor from a previous incident with a Pitbull puppy

At this point, Cllr Rob Quintas, MMC for Urban Mobility in the City of Cape Town, who accompanied Chief Inspector Pieterse, interjected and tried to calm the situation. Mr Taylor resorted to violence and physically assaulted the MMC. In the process, Mr Taylor also strangled the puppy. Chief Inspector Pieterse tried to restrain Mr Taylor to stop him from assaulting the MMC and strangling the puppy but Mr Taylor continued his resistance and assault on both the MMC and the puppy. Fortunately, a City of Cape Town Traffic Service vehicle came past and witnessed the incident. The officers stopped to assist Chief Inspector Pieterse and Cllr Quintas.

Picture: Cllr Rob Quintas assisting with the trolley that was removed from Mr Taylor.

Mr Taylor was restrained, arrested and taken to the Cape Town Central Police Station for processing where he was charged for obstruction in terms of Section 8(4) of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962, common assault and contraventions of the City of Cape Town Animal Keeping By-Law which earned him a two day overnight behind bars before his case was heard before the Cape Town Magistrates Court.

Mr Selwyn Taylor, appeared before the Cape Town Magistrates Court this morning on Tuesday, 08 February 2022, on various charges brought by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA following an incident on Sunday when Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse attempted to remove the puppy.

“It was a surreal experience, having had left the house in the hope of rescuing other animals, and then finding myself in between a scuffle, and being assaulted, by a repeat offender who uses puppies as begging props, in the middle of one of Cape Town’s busiest intersections. I was not prepared under any circumstance to let the puppy go, and have no remorse in having received a few punches and elbow blows in the process. I can only commend the thorough commitment to duty by Chief Inspector Pieterse, as well as City Traffic and City Improvement District peace officers who intervened and assisted in the arrest and transport of the suspect to the Cape Town Central SAPS,” said Cllr Rob Quintas, MMC for Urban Mobility in the City of Cape Town

It is an offence in terms of the Animal Keeping By-Law to make use of an animal for begging & financial gain or to sell any animal in a public road or public space. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is appealing to members of the public to not support the exploitation of animals or to purchase any puppies or kittens from illegal hawking on the side of the road. This is only but fueling this illegal trade and the animals are subjected to immense cruelty and suffering.

The puppy was secured and transported to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA now affectionately named Walter. Should you be willing to give Walter a good home then please contact our adoptions team on 021 700 4152 or send an email to

Puppy Walter – Photo Gallery
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