Calvinia outreach brings animal welfare services to a community in need

Calvinia outreach brings animal welfare services to a community in need

When animals in distress need our help, we don’t hesitate – even if means travelling 400 km to assist the community of Calvinia in the Northern Cape.

Following an approach from the community of Calvinia, CEO Moyo Ndukwana and a team of Inspectors and Education Officers from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA spent three days in the town. Their mission was to improve the lives of animals in the area.

Ani-Pals children’s education programme


The CoGH SPCA Education Team in Calvinia

Education officers, Lucille Boonzaier and Junior Ngculu were welcomed into the two local primary schools, Hantam Primary and Calvinia Primary. Over 550 children watched the Ani-Pals show, which teaches children to love all living creatures. They learn that animals feel fear, pain, love and happiness just as we do – and the importance of ensuring their basic needs of food, water, freedom of movement and shelter are met.

In a farming community such as this, where many kids will grow up to be involved in caring for livestock, instilling empathy and respect for animals from a young age has a huge impact on future animal welfare.

Law enforcement

Senior Inspector Alwyn Marais and CEO Moyo Ndukwana ran knowledge sharing sessions with the local SAPS K9 Unit, Stock Theft Unit, Vispol, Crime Prevention Unit and Provincial Traffic.

The training was designed to ensure that all police officers are up to date with the latest animal cruelty legislation, and to help them identify and deal with cases of animal abuse.


Calvinia children and their pets benefited greatly from the outreach exercise.


Assessment of local pet and farm animal Population

Inspectors Carina Bodenstein and Elani Steenkamp conducted a community-wise check to assess the welfare needs of pets in the area. 128 animals were dipped and signed up for an upcoming sterilisation drive, aimed at controlling the pet population. Farmers were provided with practical advice on how to improve living conditions of their livestock, and taught the importance of providing adequate shelter, food, fresh water and basic veterinary care.

It was encouraging to be invited into a community that is committed to improving the welfare of its animals; we hope that Calvinia will become a shining example of a community that treats all living creatures with compassion and respect.

One weekend, 130 sterilisations

During International Animal Week (4-12 October), our team returned to Calvinia to embark on a massive pet sterilisation campaign, aimed at curbing the pet population. No fewer than 130 pets were sterilised in just one weekend – preventing thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens that would otherwise have been born as a result of uncontrolled breeding.

Special thanks to all who donated towards this campaign, to Marian van der Merwe who alerted us to the need, and to Dr Annalize Roos of EnviroVet CVC whose skill and efficiency enabled us to make the biggest possible impact during our short visit.

Despite Calvinia falling outside our area of operation, we remain committed to the welfare of animals in the area, and will return as often as we can to provide much needed services.

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We are here for the animals during #lockdown

We are still here for your animals #lockdown

Please don’t worry! The SPCA will still be here to take care of animals during the upcoming 21 day Lockdown period.

23 of our most experienced staff including a qualified veterinarian are giving up their home comforts and leaving their families to ensure that our animals on-site are well cared for and to ensure that sick and critically injured animals can still be assisted at this time.


The SPCA will be operating in accordance with the gazetted regulations as governed by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) during the Corona Pandemic Lockdown from midnight 26th March – 16th April 2020. 

The following regulations will be observed:

  • Veterinary services are classified essential services.
  • Essential Emergency Veterinary care can be provided.
  • Essential Pet food and animal medicines may be administered and sold by Vets.
  • Only essential staff are advised on site.
  • Veterinarians do not have to be open at all times – appointments are preferred where possible to manage the flow of people on site.
  • Telephonic consultations are not ideal however if necessary please Vets must take detailed notes.
  • Medical waste must be disposed of timeously and correctly to minimise spread of any diseases.
  • SAVC will still hold council via email during lockdown.