Donate and Get a Mother’s Day card!

Donate and Get a Mother’s Day card!

Why not spoil your Super-Mom and help some animals in need?

With our special Mother’s Day cards, you’re sure to put a smile on your Mom’s face!

All you have to do is, donate to any of the worthy causes below and you’ll receive a Mother’s Day card to give to your Mom

Donation causes:

R60 – Allows for two needy cats to be sterilised


R350 – Allows an animal in need to be sterilised


R500 – Buys stitches and pain medication for animals in need


To receive our special cards, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Make donation of choice

STEP 2: Email proof of donation to ‘’

STEP 3: Be sure to add the word “MOTHER’S DAY” in subject line

Go on! Spoil your Super-Mom now by donating to a good cause.

For any enquiries email:

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