Increase in preventable deaths from Tick Fever

Increase in preventable deaths from Tick Fever

Cape of Good Hope SPCA is doing an urgent appeal for animal owners to ensure their animal companion tick and flea management is up to date.   The animal hospital has seen a significant increase in tick fever related cases and deaths.  Veterinarian, Dr Stephan Spamer says “Owners are waiting too long to seek veterinary assistance, allowing the disease to progress to an advanced stage”

Most dogs only suffer from the more acute or subacute forms of Tick Fever. However, both the acute and severe forms of Babesiosis in dogs can be  fatal without early clinical intervention.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA hospital Intensive Care Unit is nearing its capacity with several cases receiving high care supportive treatment.

Ticks are carriers of diseases, and if left too long, the chances of your dog getting a tick-borne disease with serious complications become much higher.

[WATCH] Dr Spamer talks about Tick Fever cases

The disease is caused by a tiny parasite called ‘Babesia canis’ which  is introduced to your dog’s system by tick bite. Babesiosis causes anaemia with rapidly diving parasites destroying red blood cells.

The most important preventive measure is to ensure your tick and flea management is up to date. This means regular dipping, especially in spring and summer months or making use of long-acting solutions such as chewable tablets, tick collars or tick sprays. 

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