LADY LIBERTY – Day 23, Week 3 #DontLookAway

LADY LIBERTY – Day 23, Week 3 #DontLookAway

#Change2Black #DontLookAway A Hero has fallen
Lady Liberty passed on after her condition deteriorated over the weekend.
Test results revealed a previously undiagnosed underlying disease was incubating with serious respiratory symptoms manifesting in week three. 
Lady Liberty was being treated for multiple co-morbidities including anaemia, Ehrilichia (Tick bite fever) and a compromised immune system due to her severe state of neglect over time.
SPCA goes dark

In honour of Lady Liberty, her fight, and the strong message she has given in respect of dogs #ChainedtoPain we call on you to change your social media pages to black.  #Change2Black #DontLookAway if one is #ChainedtoPain

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