Never give up hope

Never give up hope

Happy family.

267 days of hoping – that’s how long Ned waited at our SPCA before he found his happy ever after home.

Ned came to us as a stray in poor condition. Our vets had concerns about the pigmentation on his nose, but a specialised biopsy confirmed there was no cancer present. He just needed daily sunscreen to protect his nose and he was good to go!

Except no one seemed to want him. Day after day (267 to be exact!) this delightful dog waited to be adopted. Meantime he crept into the hearts of everyone at our SPCA – from our volunteers and staff to the many concerned people who kept

checking on him and sharing his adoption posts. What a joyful day it was when Ned’s patience finally paid off and he was welcomed into a wonderful home where he is loved and thoroughly spoilt!

As an ‘only’ pet, Ned has well and truly landed with his cute little bum in the butter. This lucky boy now enjoys walks on the beach and wears a unique, tailor-made nose cap to protect his little pink nose from the sun. Thank you to Ned’s new family for choosing our special older boy to share your life.

Tailor-made nose cap.



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