Newsletter 2021 1st Edition

Newsletter 2021 1st Edition


Dumped on a field in Elsie’s River and abandoned by those she loved – Nina’s only crime was being pregnant. In her desperation to find a sheltered place to give birth, she forced her way into an impossible situation: she safely delivered her nine puppies but was trapped in a drain with no way out. Thank goodness her cries were heard from underground and thank goodness they fell on compassionate ears.

Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe rescued Nina first. Her pups were in quite a tight spot and it took a long time before Inspector Siyabonga finally had all nine tiny puppies safely above ground. Nina checked each one over as they were handed to her, then washed and nursed them throughout their journey to the SPCA. There was no doubt about it – Nina loved her puppies, but we wondered who else would? Had Nina been sterilised, we would’ve had only one loving home to find, now we had 10.


It has most definitely been a year like no other! Navigating the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic would have been impossible without you – because while the national lockdown put a stop to so much, it did not stop animal cruelty and neglect. It did not stop traumatic injuries to animals (including shootings, stabbings, bite wounds and car accidents). It did not stop Parvo Virus or other deadly diseases. And it did not stop animals from needing us. 


Few could forget the awful state Prince Charming was in when he was rescued earlier this year. Starving and in search of food, he wandered into someone’s garden where he finally collapsed in pure exhaustion.



During our first ever virtual doggie walkathon to raise funds for an orthopaedic plating kit, our very own head veterinarian Dr Mark Middleton put his money where his mouth is and promised to abseil down Table Mountain if targets were reached. With the campaign bringing in R211 492.00, enabling us to purchase not only the bone plating kit, but additional plates and some sorely needed surgical implements, Dr Mark had no choice but to make good on his promise!



Found wandering the streets as a stray in July 2018, this special boy watched nearly 2000 of his friends come and go as they left with their forever families, while he remained behind. Flash waited patiently in his kennel every day, wearing his cutest look and doing his cute little dance for every Adoption Centre visitor.



When our Wildlife Team was alerted to a panicked buck on the loose at a development site behind Makro, Cape Gate, we knew we had to get there quickly!  The duiker had run into a residential complex, and in her desperation to escape was running into walls and fences.

Inspector Minette Pieterse reached the scene within minutes and quickly realised that this rescue would not be possible without sedating the duiker, whose stress levels were dangerously high.


When Sylvia Dear, a long-time supporter of our SPCA, passed away, she left a legacy that has made life a ball for puppies at the SPCA. With her legacy, we were able to establish a new puppy area, comprising of kennels and a training/play area.

When it’s time for the puppies to nap, the area doubles up as a one-on-one training space where our in-house animal behaviourist can work with dogs who have anxiety or trust issues.



Tired of the endless bath soaps and ugly ties? How about asking friends and family to donate to the SPCA in lieu of a birthday gift. The process is simple!

We’ll set up your Birthday Fundraiser page and send you a link to share with your social circle. Then watch as the donations come in!




During a proactive farm visit, Education Officer, Thembi Nomkala noticed five pigs and 32 piglets squashed under a vehicle canopy, struggling to stay dry and warm during one of the worst storms of the season.

Trail guides to undertake epic SPCA Trails 4 Tails trek from Cape Point to Cape Town

On 14 March 2021, a small group of eight intrepid Capetonian trail guides and mountain hikers will cycle and hike an epic 70km from Cape Point to Table Mountain Cable Station to raise awareness and funds for the SPCA.

Cycling the first 35km from Cape Point to Kalk Bay, then hiking 35km up onto the mountains to pick up the trails leading to Table Mountain and ultimately descending Platteklip to finish at the Cable Station, they expect the journey to take up to 15 hours.

“We are doing this mainly to fundraise for the SPCA, which has been extremely hard hit by the economic fallout of the Covid pandemic,” said organiser and experienced trail guide, Binny Ridgway.

“Another industry that has also been particularly hard hit by the pandemic is tourism. The majority of the Trails4Tails group are adventure tour guides who now find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands, and they want to do something meaningful to help.”

The SPCA has welcomed the initiative, and Belinda Abraham, spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, hopes that it will be a significant fundraiser for the organisation in a difficult period: “There has been a flood of pets being surrendered or abandoned to the streets as their owners can no longer afford to care for them, and the SPCA is the catch net. We are currently experiencing a 24% increase in the number of animals in need of our help. 

“Just one of our recent cases involved a severely injured dog, which we later named “Bali”. 


As we all know, everything is a bit uncertain right now! Many of our events had to be cancelled – but please keep an eye on our social media and website for announcements on upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you once again!

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