THE LUKE SERIES – Episode 4 – Charges of animal cruelty

THE LUKE SERIES – Episode 4 – Charges of animal cruelty

Inspector says: “Enough is Enough”

A spirited Inspector Jeffrey Mfini has issued a stern warning for those involved in dogfighting!  This following confirmation that he is in the process of pursuing charges of animal cruelty in the Luke’s case.

Please support survivors of dogfighting
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Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse confirmed the SPCA is proceeding with charges of animal cruelty. “We need to speak out for the victims of dogfighting and ensure that justice is served. Dogfighting is the root of many evils, especially for our youth. If we do not combat dogfighting from a young age it will result in a violent society where our boys turn into violent men that get involved with other crimes like drugs, illegal gambling, illegal firearms and domestic violence”

Cruelty reports can be made in confidence by email or telephonically by calling 0217004158/9 during office hours. You can also report cruelty online via our website at

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