If animals could speak, would we want to hear what they’d say? Do you think they’d ask ‘Why?’ – why they’re betrayed, abandoned and abused by the very same people they’ve loved and lived with – and lived for?

Or, would say only this:


‘It doesn’t matter who you are, who you know or where you live … it doesn’t  matter what you earn, what car you drive or what mistakes you’ve made.

What matters is that you protect me, care for me and never hurt me.

My life is in your hands and I would give it to save yours. My trust and loyalty are yours. You don’t have to earn it. You just need to honour it.

I would forgive you faster than you could forget me – but I would wait forever if I knew you were coming for me. I wouldn’t regret one second we share or the time that keeps us apart. Because that is how I love and I love you.’ 

Animals love without question. The real question is: do you love them back? 

Please show it by pledging as little as R2 a day towards their care. Perhaps you wouldn’t even notice R2, R3 or even R5 … but we do – because it’s the food in their bowls, medical care, safety from harm, shelter, comfort – and the chance to find new homes.


Please pledge your love for animals right here, because all their happy endings begin with people like you.



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