Man survives attack to help injured dog

It’s the kind of story that gets our blood boiling . . . a good Samaritan robbed and attacked while helping someone in distress. That’s what happened to Jonno when he stopped to help a dog lying on the side of a road in Phillipi.

No sooner had Jonno pulled over when five ‘helpers’ came over to help him load the injured dog into the car. Gracie (as she’s now called) couldn’t walk: her legs were broken.

Seconds later, Jonno was assaulted by the same men, threatened with a gun and large screwdriver, and robbed. They tried to take the car – but it wouldn’t start – so they fled, leaving behind a traumatised Jonno and Gracie.

What a terrible ordeal . . . who knows what was going through this little dog’s mind when her only hero was being beaten before her eyes . . . they were powerless to defend one another.

Yet, as upsetting as this story is, people like Jonno restore our faith in humanity! His kindness reminded me that saving animals is truly a team effort. And you’re part of our team, because it’s friends like you whose donations help ensure that animals receive the attention they need.

Gracie getting much needed help at the SPCAGracie is one lucky dog. Despite everything that Jonno had been through to rescue her, the SPCA didn’t have the specialised surgical equipment needed to repair her leg. But the Panorama Veterinary Clinic and Specialist Centre did – and their Dr Gray volunteered to operate on Gracie for us.
First your support – and donations made online by clicking here – then Jonno’s brave act, then Dr Gray’s offer and the care and love of the SPCA staff and volunteers . . . I call that an amazing team effort!

But it’s not just for Gracie . . . it applies to many other animals here at the SPCA whose lives depend on the team of people behind them: people like you.
It took three weeks of hospitalisation at the SPCA, careful attention, frequent veterinary check-ups, medicines – and a whole lot of love – to help Gracie heal after her op. And happily, Jonno and his fiancé, Kayleigh gave Gracie the home she deserved.
It’s a happy ending to a story that could have ended so differently – for both Jonno and little Gracie. Thank heavens for good Samaritans . . . thank heavens for the fighting spirit of animals … and thank heavens for your support.
Please give from your heart today by clicking here, because everything we do starts with the kindness of friends like you.

Thank you in advance, on behalf of Gracie and your A Team for Animals!

Gracie’s loving life with her new owners, Kayleigh and Jonno


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