It was to our great delight that Mrs Helen Zille – Premier of the Western Cape and a passionate supporter of animal welfare – accepted our invitation to become Patron of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. She accepted the patronage in 2010, after visiting the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and meeting a few of the hundreds of animals in our care.

Allan Perrins is our Chief Executive Officer. All managers report to him – and he reports to our Board of Directors. The Board helps guide decisions regarding the SPCA’s survival and long-term sustainability. It comprises experts from the veterinary, legal, financial and business sectors, all of whom serve the SPCA on a voluntary basis.

Altogether, we have just over 100 permanent members of staff, assisted by a loyal band of volunteers who get involved in everything from dog walking and cleaning stables to assisting at fundraising events.


Adv Phil Snijman | Chairman
Mr Anthony Sedgwick | Treasurer
Adv Cecilia Brummer | Director
Mr Barend Kellerman | Director
Ms Nocamagu Mbulawa | Director


Allan Perrins | Chief Executive Officer
Debbie-Ann Paterson | Accountant
Moyo Ndukwana | Inspectorate Manager
Catherine Samuel | Hospital Manager
Anne Boyce | Horse Care Unit and Farmyard Supervisor
Megan Reid | Wildlife Unit Supervisor
Belinda Abraham | Communications, Resource Development and Education Manager