ACTIVE WITNESS – Sasha, the first of four to be unchained

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It was not possible to see what was waiting on the other side of the gate that day.  Once we gained access, Sasha was the first of four emaciated chained dogs.  A gasp in shock, followed by an icy glaze of numbness.  No anger or sadness yet, just the numbness.  A telling first picture was taken of Sasha chain on the stairs, a moment in time where a bond was formed. Her picture now sets the scene for a new narrative, one of hope, where she no longer has to survive!  She will thrive!

It was rage, it was sadness, it was everything at once

Starvation is not an easy sight.  The moment the bowl of food and water was placed before her, the moment we became witness to her story, that’s when the icy numbness lifted and the flood of emotion became overwhelming.  The first instinct, a compulsion, feed her more, she needs more.  Hospital staff intervened with gentle restraint.  No, only small amounts at a time for now.  I could not bring myself to see her again for an entire week after that day.

You can help us unchain another today

We meet again

Just over a week,  compassion compelled me to suppress my fear.  It took a great deal of courage to face the unknown.  How is she?  Will she be okay? Haunting questions that would not go away.  There she is, I finally did it, I managed to see her again.  She lit up like a bright light when she saw me. Jumping, tail wagging with an excited swagger, eager to high five through the kennel gate.  Seeing her again was liberating, a relief.  Some scars are still there, any sudden movements make her yield in fearful submission, this too shall pass, with time and love.  Sasha is a defender of mankind and she is going to thrive!

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Sasha, the first of four to be unchained

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