Cape of Good Hope SPCA Calls for a Quiet Guy Fawkes Night to Protect Pets and Wildlife

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Fireworks Harm Animals

Animals can hear a wider range of sounds than humans can, the sound from fireworks is at least seven times louder to them. Take the loudest, most ear-piercing sound you’ve ever heard – something like a fire alarm at its peak volume and multiply that intensity several times over.  Now imagine it as a sudden, unexpected noise that can be as startling and distressing to a dog as a sonic boom or the shockwave from a large explosion would be to a human.

An animal’s natural response is to flee from the noise often with tragic consequences.

  • Wild birds and other animals will flee, become disorientated, run onto highways, fly into buildings or hide in other obstacles like pipes or drains and even abandon their nests, leaving off-spring to suffer.
  • Pets will run in blind panic through glass door panes and even into oncoming traffic and those that find a hiding place will likely not find their way back home again.
  • The effects of the noise on animals can be long lasting, sometimes resulting in nervous, aggressive and damage-causing behaviour.
The ABSOLUTE TERROR animals experience from loud bangs is a very real threat for them, it is extremely cruel and incredibly selfish.
Here’s What You Can Do:

Prevention is always better than cure. Be prepared!

  1. Do not support the illegal use of fireworks and report fireworks being set off in your area to The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement on 0214807700. This number is available 24/7.
  2. Make sure your pet companions are safe- that they have up-to-date identification on them (a collar with tag and have a registered microchip with all necessary and up-to-date information).
  3. Create a safe, secure place for them inside your home that is away from windows or doors.
  4. Close curtains or blinds and put the tv or a radio on to mask the sounds outside.
  5. Feed them earlier and keep them inside.
  6. Some dogs may need a good walk before the evening to help them feel calmer, ensure this is done in the day and not in the evening when fireworks could be let off.
  7. Provide them with some enrichment as a positive distraction (a stuffed Kong, a yummy chewable treat or big sinewy chew from your local vet or pet shop). Vet shops also stock a range of calming tablets, sprays or products that can be sprinkled on food or bedding. Speak to a professional about the best options for your pet.
  8. Be there for them to comfort and keep them reassured and feeling safe
  9. Older pets may develop fears later in life or become anxious about things or sounds that previously did not bother them.  Take this into account if you have an aging pet- their behaviour overtime changes too.
You’ll Find These Products & A Range of Distracting Chews at our Vet Shops

Cape of Good Hope SPCA will be stationed at the Joint Operations Centre and will be ready to respond to reports of injured animals or animals in distress.  Please call our emergency number 0833261604 if you come across and injured or terrified animal

Please, consider the dangers and effects of fireworks and always choose to celebrate in a way that respects and protects our environment, our fellow citizens, and our animals.

Choose Humane Ways To Celebrate

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