Cape of Good Hope SPCA Turns To Renewable Energy

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Though we think of solar power as a new discovery, ancient civilizations found innovative ways to use solar energy. Among them, the Greeks, Romans and Chinese all developed ways to use solar warmth for their homes, including using southern exposures to maximize solar heating and making use of solar lighting.

Nearly fifteen years ago in 2006, Former US Vice President Al Gore, called it “An Inconvenient Truth” in his New York #1 bestselling book released in conjunction with a film of the same title addressing the challenges and drivers of climate change.  In 2021, however, according to a recent Bloomberg report, South Africa is now ranked the world’s 12th-biggest source of greenhouse gases with power utility Eskom and oil and gas company Sasol our biggest greenhouse gas emitters. We are once again faced with the reality of rolling blackouts. 


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Data published by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) shows South Africa has experienced its worst load-shedding since 2007 with 2020 being the worst year to date at “1,798GWh of energy shed and 859 hours of outages.”.  2021 has started off worse, with 1,284GWh of energy shed and 650 hours of outages recorded in the first six months of this year.  With looming price hikes and rolling black-outs said to continue over the next five years, the impact on operations, productivity, saving lives and livelihoods were too great to ignore for a 150 year old animal welfare organisation.

Chief Executive Officer, Moyo Ndukwana says “We have chosen the grid-tied solar system with modular battery backup to streamline our electricity supply and reduce dependency on the national grid, ensuring that essential operations can continue during load shedding.  This is one of several solutions implemented for us to lead sustainability in a complex and challenging economic environment”

Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s grid-linked solar saving

In September, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA installed 68 solar panels, an inverter with battery backup.  The 30kWp capped system in conjunction with internal consumption adjustments resulted in a more than R15 000 saving on the electricity payment this month and is expected to save more than R200 000 p/a

The modular design of the system installed by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA makes it possible to expand the system to include more battery capacity in the future to increase energy savings from the solar panels and utilises the full allowable electricity generation limit, within the currently legislation imposed by the City of Cape Town for the allocated area.

Consider eco-friendly alternatives

New Research, Development and advancing technology has made it possible to capture solar energy, convert it into electricity and store it.  Solar panels you see on buildings and homes have been available on the market for decades. New systems-which incorporate solar into roofing shingles-are now aesthetically pleasing, efficient and durable. Alternative energy, also known as “free energy” is produced naturally without harmful effects to the environment. Though many of the methods used to harness alternative energy sources may still seem impractical to some business sectors or they may argue that the devices used are too expensive to install, our own experience now shows we are saving more as an organisation and successfully offsetting our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and further reducing our carbon footprint.

The time is now to consider renewable energy collectively in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, improve our air quality, offset greenhouse gas emissions as well as stimulate green job creation in the manufacturing and installation of solar energy systems.

Where are you in the equation of supply and demand? Our lights and lifesaving ventilators are switched on!

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SPCA Solar Panels

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