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KALKFONTEIN, Northern Suburbs. Cody fell victim to a violation where betrayal was the highest currency. His owner called the South African Police Service (SAPS), following a suspected break-in. SAPS were the first responders to the scene. On arrival SAPS contacted the Cape of Good Hope SPCA after discovering Cody with the dagger in his back. SAPS further proceeded to assist the owner and the left.

Inspector Siyabonga was dispatched in response to the call. Upon arrival, he witnessed a gruesome scene of cruelty. Jessica Cody’s owner directed him to where Cody was located inside the house. He immediately loaded Cody into the SPCA vehicle and transported him to the SPCA animal hospital in Grassy Park.

A shocked inspector said “What did the animal do to deserve this cruelty. The dagger was pushed into this animal along his spine. I am following up leads on this case and intend to press charges of animal cruelty against this perpetrator”.

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Dr Muller-Deibicht reports after Cody’s emergency surgery
Inspector sighs a sigh of relief

Inspector Siyabonga continued with his duties for the remainder of the day.  SPCA headquarters called him this afternoon “I have been trying to get the images of this incident out of my head all day” he replied.  Siya cried out loud in relief when he was provided with feedback informing him that Cody was going to be okay.  Cape of Good Hope SPCA veterinarian Dr Muller-Deibicht was able to successfully remove the dagger surgically. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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