Nine lives?

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA Field Officer Norman Benya responded to a distress call on Sunday.  A resident in Edgemead reported their cat was stuck on the roof of a three-story residential building. 

“We called Fire & Rescue to assist us with the rescue operation” reported Officer Benya. 

The rescue operation was successful and the distressed cat was returned safely to his owner.

Where do the saying cats have nine lives come from?

The origin dates back to ancient Egyptian Mythology.  A common myth says that the sun god Ra, who took the shape of the “Great Tomcat” or Mau during his visits to the underworld, engendered eight other gods—thus representing nine lives in one.

Cats are known for their ability to escape often impossible situations without any injury.  They can withstand falls and other serious accidents without being fatally wounded,  thanks to their anatomy: They have a large body surface to weight ratio, which reduces the force of impact on landing.

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