A message from our CEO, Moyo

When a cart horse was subject to a merciless whipping on Strandfontein Road, we received several calls from motorists alarmed about the safety of the pony. The cart driver was continuously whipping her to get her to move faster.

Dog fighting is a cruel underground activity that is unfortunately on the rise in communities across the country, including the Cape Flats. Dogs suffer terrible injuries and most of them live miserable lives, caged or chained in bad living conditions.

It’s been two years since we launched the Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project (CPTUP), to give the gift of good health to the pets of disadvantaged residents. Donors ‘paw’ it forward by purchasing vouchers for these residents to take their pets to the SPCA Mobile Clinic to be neutered or spayed.

With Covid-19 restrictions finally behind us, we are pleased to announce the return of our popular Behind the Scenes event for our treasured Animal Guardians.

When an older animal is taken into a loving family, it makes our hearts sing. Many people shy away from older animals, which is why we were so thankful when a family adopted Mr Jeff, an elderly ginger cat. Jeff waited longer than many younger cats, but now he is living his best life! We are forever grateful to all our adoptive families for offering homes to furry friends.

Conserving and caring for wildlife is something we can all take part in. “One is never too young or too old to start caring, because what happens to our environment ultimately affects what happens to us,” says SPCA Wildlife Supervisor, Inspector Jon Friedman.

When we received a call about four dogs that had been dumped in a canal in Southfield, our Inspectors immediately set off to rescue the fearful dogs.

It was thanks to a quick-thinking jogger that a horrific attack on an endangered African penguin colony in Simon’s Town was ended. Our Wildlife Department was called to the scene of dead and dying African penguins on Seaforth Beach, where two free-roaming dogs had caused mayhem.