Despite being in the animal welfare sector for 20 years, I've never encountered challenges quite like those we face today. It seems that pressure builds more every year.

Awareness efforts are critical to educating and sensitising children to the needs and humane treatment of animals – and our ongoing outreach initiatives focus on exactly this.

It’s pitiful to see horses and donkeys overworked and in poor condition – and even more so when a mare is heavily pregnant. Forced to pull a cart despite her condition, a pregnant pony collapsed on the roadside in Hillcrest Heights, where she gave birth to a foal.

Remember Dusty, the 12-year-old Nooitgedacht-cross pony that was walked on the N7 highway in his emaciated, injured state? As we reported in our last newsletter, his torturous journey ended when SPCA Inspector Jeffrey Mfini rescued him after being alerted to the pony’s plight by a caring member of the public.

Our amazing supporters didn’t just help us meet our goal, but exceed it! We were able to feed our hungry hounds for the rest of 2023 thanks to the generosity and kindness of animal lovers. Thank you for supporting the 4 Ton Challenge!

Courage – true to his name – soldiered on through repeated examinations and treatments. Two months of veterinary care and love transformed Courage this special dog from weak and neglected, to happy and handsome.

In September last year, an orange Level 9 warning was issued by the South African Weather Service for the Western Cape before heavy rain, thunderstorms and gale-force winds led to flooding in numerous communities.

After seeing a young seal in distress, a Kalk Bay harbour tour guide called the SPCA. The seal was struggling to swim and since fishing line was wrapped around one of his flippers, he had no use of the entangled limb.