A Message From Moyo

If 2020 was the year we’ll all remember for the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is the year of fiscal focus for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. Last year’s fundraising restrictions, caused by lockdowns and limitations on public gatherings, were a rude reminder that we do not receive government funding. Cutting services for animals was out of the question. Refusing to respond to calls for help was never an option.


Fighting Fire – and Finding Kindness

It seemed as if the world was watching with us, in horror, as flames engulfed parts of Cape Town, refusing to relent to firefighters. As the Cape of Good Hope SPCA was part of the disaster risk management team stationed at the Disaster Operation Centre in Goodwood, we were ready to spring into action the moment we were cleared to do so. Our animal hospital, veterinary staff and facilities were also readied to help injured animals.

Successful Conviction for Yorkshire Terrier Abuser

Tamlyn Sylvester, a witness in the case, had seen her neighbour kick and stomp Stamford in his small back yard. She immediately called the Cape of Good Hope SPCA – but it was, sadly, too late for little Stamford, who died before SPCA Inspector Elani Graham arrived. Stamford had belonged to Schüller’s ex-girlfriend.

Faithful and Loving to the End

When Mrs Martha Damon of Wallacedene found her faithful companion Dallas gravely injured, she knew she had to get help quickly. She bandaged the dog’s injured front leg as best she could, strapped Dallas to her back like a baby, and walked for two kilometres to reach the SPCA mobile clinic.

Brilliant, Beautiful Bali

It’s hard to believe that a pet owner would refuse an offer of veterinary care for their injured dog … but that’s exactly what motivated SPCA Inspector Jeffery Mfini to return to the home of a badly injured dog with a court order to remove the dog. But the dog, he was told, had ‘disappeared’.

Legacies Are Acts of Love that Ensure Our Survival

While COVID-19 disrupted all our fundraising, the one source of support we could count on was the legacy income from our past Animal Guardians. We pay humble tribute to them again as we count our blessings for their foresight.

Little Girl Lost – and Found

What do you do if you’re a kitten, stuck up a chimney? You cry your little heart out until someone rescues you!

Home Free at Last ... and Free to be Dogs

Paul, a Malinois that had been in the SPCA kennel for ages, was showing signs of kennel stress and badly needed the right home.

Anti-cruelty Includes Anti-dogfighting

A newly established team that tackles dogfighting and deals with dog attacks on people and animals, consists of City Law Enforcement Animal Control Officers, Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspectors and members of the Safety and Security Investigations Unit.

Diary Dates

Team SPCA Cape Town Cycle Tour – 10 October 2021

Team SPCA Sanlam Cape Town Marathon – 16 & 17 October 2021


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