SPCA Wildlife Department Inspectors were amongst the dedicated rescue teams that worked through the Kleinmond fires.

For little Mayana, the day Inspector Noko visited her home to investigate a cruelty report was the day her life changed for the better.

An enjoyable game turned into a nightmare for 10-year-old Thorne and his two young friends when his dog Bruno was attacked by a free-roaming dog.

Making a Will takes a lot of thought, and as someone who cares deeply about animals, being able to keep helping them – even beyond your lifetime – is exactly what a bequest will enable you to do.

When Inspectors from our Horse Care Unit responded to a report of a horse stuck in a septic pit, they could barely believe that the mare had survived.

Plastic, waste and dozens of pollutants that make their way into the ocean are destroying our marine environment – and life within them.

Who will ever know for sure how an injured dog arrived at the SPCA late one afternoon – alone and injured – as staff were preparing to leave.

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