Powering Up Prosperity: Automation Africa Lights the Way for SPCA Vet Shop

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On the morning of the 15th of July 2023, we discovered that our Vet Shop had been robbed and ransacked. 

Stage 6 load shedding, with its frequent and lengthy blackouts, had rendered our shop’s alarm and camera systems completely powerless. Criminals, taking advantage of this, robbed and ransacked the store causing substantial damage to the interior and structure and stole valuable products and cash.

Understanding the critical importance of an uninterrupted power supply to the Vet Shop’s security systems, Automation Africa stepped in to help with the remarkable donation of a 5Kva Luxpower Hybrid inverter system with Wifi dongle for remote monitoring paired with a 5.12kw 48v Lithium Volta battery, that will keep the power on, even when Eskom turns it off.

Cape of Good Hope CEO receiving the inverter donation from the Director of Automation Africa Mark Bristow

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s CEO Moyo Ndukwana says “the inverter system is a game-changer, it will ensure uninterrupted power to our security systems, safeguarding not only vet shop products and assets but also securing the SPCA’s ability to generate a portion of our own income via commercial trade”.

This generous gesture will have a lasting impact.

 “It’s a gift that will keep on giving” says Moyo, “because all profits generated via our Vet Shops go directly back to our day to day operations, this donation will ensure that we can continue our animal rescue work”.

Installation by expert hands underway

Mark Bristow, the compassionate Director of Automation Africa, says, “Having read the article sent by my colleague Shannon Kelly, the company saw a need that we could fill via products that we supply.” Demonstrating Automation Africa’s commitment to social responsibility and their strong belief in giving back to the community he added “We all love animals at Automation Africa and we’re fortunate to be at a point where we can give back to the community. We admire the Organisation’s work, and their efforts to help themselves via an income generating initiative, and we wanted to support that.”

The SPCA sends a resounding “thank you” to Mark Bristow and Automation Africa for giving us the power – literally – to continue our important quest for a kinder world for animals and to do so in a sustainable way.

The SPCA sends a resounding "thank you" to Mark Bristow and Automation Africa for giving us the power – literally - to continue our important quest for a kinder world for animals and to do so in a sustainable way.

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