Stolen Husky reunited with his owner after more than a year

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Storm was chipped at three months of age, his owner Damian Leo of Pelican Park says there is no way his dog got out by himself, he was stolen. “My neighbours witnessed them taking my dog putting Storm into a car and driving off, they couldn’t get the licence plate in time. I immediately logged an SOS with identipet. I waited and waited and nothing happened. Eventually, I had to accept it, he was gone”.

Damian explains how his heart shattered. “I was broken, there was nothing I could do. I drove around looking for Storm. I started spending more time with my Pitbull, Tyson, he and Strom grew up together and he also started showing signs of being lonely, obviously missing Storm”.

Damian’s dogs Tyson and Storm are both rescued stray dogs that he took in at a young age.  Just over a year later …

SPCA makes the call

Damian was not home and has also left his phone at home, luckily his other half Taryn answered the call. “I literally just walked into the house when Taryn said: Do you want to hear the good news? What good news? The SPCA found Storm, you need to go collect him. Wait, what? I grabbed my ID, quickly took out the baby seat, got in the car and left immediately. When I got the news I was completely blown away”.  


Reunited and it feels so good

“I feel so relieved” says Damien. “It so remarkable to have him back and also to see his reaction when I got to the kennels. I thought he would behave evasive or not remember me, but he came towards me, sniffed me, and immediately started whining. I knew then, Storm knows exactly who I am, we going to be ok.” 

Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Keagan Wolfaart confirms Storm was picked up by one of the collections officers in Zeekoei Vlei. “We scan all animals that come to us for microchip identification, which is how we discovered Storm is chipped” SPCA contacted the owner, who was not home at the time, but his partner Taryn answered. “She was besides herself with excitement and said she would give Damian the message as soon as he gets back”.


The SPCA also chips animals at the lost and found to prevent reoccurrence and to ensure we can return displaced animals into the care of their owners. Keagan confirms that successful reunions are not always possible, because owners don’t microchip their pets. Without the microchip or collar, ideally both, it becomes very difficult to identify ownership, track and trace lost and found animals back to their owners.


Cape of Good Hope SPCA treated Storm to make his fur shinny and to boost his overall wellbeing.



Tips to safeguard your pets

1. Have your pet microchipped and ensure your details are up to date

2. Download the Identipet mobile app and report your pet as lost to their pet rescue network

3. Write your contact number on the inside of your pet’s collar

4. Sterilise your pets to reduce the risk of them wandering or being stolen.

5. Notify the SPCA, surrounding animal welfare organisations as well as Veterinarians 


Should you witness or know of an animal in distress you can lodge a confidential report with our inspectorate telephonically by calling 0217004158/9 during office hours or on the after-hours number 0833261604. 

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