Diamonds soars to new heights

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The celebrity rockstar settles in with protective doggles 

The first advanced therapy session is done and dusted.   In this session, the specialist focused on an initial assessment of his leg to determine how much movement Diamonds has in the limb.  It involved a procedure called Goniometry. 

A goniometer is an instrument that either measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position. The term goniometry derives from two Greek words, gōnia, meaning angle, and metron, meaning measure.

Furthermore, girth measurements of his limb were done to check angulation.   The session also included electric nerve stimulation as well as laser treatment on his stifle and tarsus followed by a massage.  The Stifle is a joint in the legs of horses, dogs, and other animals, equivalent to the knee in humans.  The tarsus is a group of small bones between the main part of the hindlimb and the metatarsus in terrestrial vertebrates.

Don’t miss Diamonds live on the COGH SPCA Facebook page 25 March @ 14h00

Diamonds now has specific exercises which must be performed daily under the care of Dr Este.  The new celebrity worked up quite the appetite during his session and insisted his bowl be held within easy reach after the session.

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