A new name, a 2nd chance

A scrappy little pup called Ratatouille has been adopted and renamed Archie by his new mom, Melanie.

“He is doing so well! You’d think he has lived here all his little life – he is super confident, feisty and food obsessed. He gets along with our other doggies really well too.”

Archie’s story fills our hearts with hope.

Just four months ago, this brave stray pup was fending for himself on the harsh streets. He was emaciated with no hair, and his future looked hopeless. In fact, the average lifespan of a street dog is only three to four years.

But when he was rescued by a kind-hearted woman – who befriended him with a slice of bread – he found his way to the SPCA and we nursed him back to health. It was so sweet to see this little guy’s spirits lift with each passing day.

When Melanie took him home, he went from a past life of misery to a life filled with hope and love.

It’s amazing what a little kindness and compassion can do. Thank you for giving dogs like Archie a second chance in life.

Paw Patrol Newsletter 2nd Edition 2023 - Ratatouille - Ratatouille Homing

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