Buried alive – but rescued, thanks to a tip-off

“When I finally reached him, he was curled up in a ball and he didn’t move, I thought I was too late,” said SPCA Inspector Lee Prins.

Inspector Prins remembers in vivid detail the day he rushed to Delft, The Hague after receiving a report of a dog buried alive. In a frantic race against time, the Inspector dug through a mound of sand, half expecting to find a dead animal.

Thankfully, Courage – as he’s now known – was still alive. He lay so still, as if he’d given up. Inspector Prins carefully lifted the placid dog out of the hole and rushed back to the SPCA. Tests revealed that Courage was disease-free, but his neglected and emaciated condition necessitated nutritional supplements and veterinary-grade dog food to support his immune system, improve his appetite and help with digestion. A germicidal treatment shampoo was also prescribed for his skin condition.

Courage – true to his name – soldiered on through repeated examinations and treatments. Two months of veterinary care and love transformed Courage this special dog from weak and neglected, to happy and handsome.

Happily, he found a loving home with the Mentoor family, and we recently received an update on Courage’s progress:
“Courage is doing very well … loves his new home and plays every day with the kids when they come from school. He’s very intelligent and protective. He’s eating well and going for walks and has so much energy.  We are so lucky to have him in our lives. We love him very much.”

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