Caracals are the cat’s whiskers

We were thrilled to release a caracal back into the wild after a short stay in our Wildlife Care Facility.

She was released in late summer, into her mountain home range of Kasteelpoort, and it was a magical release! She bolted out of her cage, quick as lighting – leaving only a trail of rustling fynbos. Thank you for being by our side in special moments like this.

We receive about seven calls a year about caracals needing our help. Most often, they’ve been struck by cars, caught in poachers’ snares, or are sick.

This adult female ‘rooikat’ had been injured by a dog and had some nasty wounds – including a deep bite to her throat. Our veterinary surgeon patched her up before our Wildlife team took over her care.

As the last remaining “big” predator cats on the Peninsula, we are privileged to rescue, rehabilitate and release these rooikatte back into the wild.

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