Criminal Record for Animal Abuser – And Loving New Home For His Victim

For little Mayana, the day Inspector Noko visited her home to investigate a cruelty report was the day her life changed for the better.

Not only had she been physically abused, the string and rubber bands tied tightly around her legs and head had caused her significant discomfort – and injuries.

She was confiscated and taken to the SPCA for veterinary treatment, and it quickly became apparent just how badly Mayana had suffered at the hands of her uncaring owner.  

After being arrested, Mayana’s owner was detained for more than three months because of the failure to pay bail; and although the state withdrew the case, the SPCA succeeded in having it reopened.

As a result, he was found guilty and sentenced to a R4 000 fine or four months’ imprisonment, suspended for three years on condition that he is not convicted of an offence under the Animal Protection Act during this time. He now has a criminal record.

Happy Homing

As for Mayana, she received the physical and emotional healing she needed – thanks to the SPCA’s caring and your kind support – and she’s now in a loving new home.

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