Daisy and Donkey – a darling donkey family

When we received a report from Heideveld Neighbourhood Watch about two stray donkeys, we couldn’t have imagined that four months later, they’d end up in a little piece of paradise they could call home.

Baby donkey was still drinking from his mom when they first arrived at the SPCA – and she, understandably, was nervous and afraid of people. But thanks to baby’s inquisitive nature, mom started to relax and the pair won over everyone’s hearts – including their new owners, for whom it was love at first sight!

Now settled in at their smallholding, Daisy – as mom is now called – and her son, Donkey (named after the donkey in the movie, Shrek), couldn’t have wished for a happier ending to their rough start in life. Endearingly, as if to make sure that nobody forgets how smart he is, Donkey comes running at full speed when his name is called!