Dumped dogs out of the cold

When we received a call about four dogs that had been dumped in a canal in Southfield, our Inspectors immediately set off to rescue the fearful dogs.

One of the dogs was found shivering in a bundle, surrounded by faeces, and hoping to be rescued; but the other three dogs bolted when they saw humans. It turned into a three-day mission, with our Inspectors battling up and down the wet canal through weeds and water.

The caller who reported the dogs kept us updated as to the dogs’ whereabouts – and it felt like a huge victory when our Inspectors finally fulfilled their mission. We believe the dogs had been dumped in the canal. They had clearly been there for some time; living under an overbridge and with no way of escaping the high, smooth walls of the canal.

We thank our Inspectors – and supporters like you – for going the extra mile to bring scared and hungry animals to the safety of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. We cannot rescue animals without the ongoing support of friends like you.

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