Foal born to overworked mother on the roadside

It’s pitiful to see horses and donkeys overworked and in poor condition – and even more so when a mare is heavily pregnant. Forced to pull a cart despite her condition, a pregnant pony collapsed on the roadside in Hillcrest Heights, where she gave birth to a foal.
Thanks to reports from concerned community members, SPCA Inspectors rushed to the scene, and after assessing the welfare of the animals, transported both mother and baby to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Horse Care Unit to receive the care they deserved.

The mare was subsequently named Stella and her filly was named Rose. As caring for equines is extremely expensive, the Horse Care Unit remains underfunded and in need of additional support.

Providing stabling, bedding, lucerne, oats, horse cubes and special nutrients for emaciated horses – in addition to farrier costs, halters and gelding – all adds up.

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