Lost and Injured Dog Takes Himself to the SPCA

Who will ever know for sure how an injured dog arrived at the SPCA late one afternoon – alone and injured – as staff were preparing to leave.

Not only did he make his way to our Grassy Park premises, he navigated his way into the Animal Hospital.

Fortunately, Inspector Alexia Linsell was there to meet him, along with Chief Executive Officer, Moyo Ndukwana, who approached the dog with treats and secured him on a leash.

Rio, as he was later named, was immediately admitted to the hospital so that his bite wounds could be treated. Tender care and antibiotics ensured that he made a full recovery; but sadly, nobody ever came forward to claim this special dog and he was transferred to the SPCA’s Adoption Centre.

Rio is one of 90% of pets who arrive at the SPCA without any identification. Not having a collar and identity disc or microchip makes it near impossible to reunite lost animals with their owners. If your pet is not yet microchipped, please – make it a priority.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA staff was stunned with the unaccompanied arrival of a black male dog, now affectionately known as “Rio”, …

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