Love for Animals, Beyond Your Lifetime

Making a Will takes a lot of thought, and as someone who cares deeply about animals, being able to keep helping them – even beyond your lifetime – is exactly what a bequest will enable you to do.

In honour of the animals you’ve loved and the joy they have brought to your life, will you consider leaving a legacy for animals? Visionary men and women who included the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in their Wills over the years are one of the main reasons we are able to mark 150 years of work for animals.

One of these incredible people is the late Virginia Pooley, who treated her pets as her children. According to Robert, her son, his mother chose to support the SPCA financially ­– and by adopting rescued animals.

“I believe it is this love and caring for abandoned animals that is at the heart of my mother’s decision to make a lasting difference,” says Robert. “One of her pets, who was rescued, is now being looked after by my family.”

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