Love letters from Mr Jeff and family

Cape of Good Hope SPCA - Paw Patrol Newsletter 2023 (1st ed) Mr Jeff 3

When an older animal is taken into a loving family, it makes our hearts sing. Many people shy away from older animals, which is why we were so thankful when a family adopted Mr Jeff, an elderly ginger cat. Jeff waited longer than many younger cats, but now he is living his best life! We are forever grateful to all our adoptive families for offering homes to furry friends.

Hello everyone,

This is the new family of Mr Jeff. He really snuck into our hearts and beds. We have grown nicely as a family. Mr Jeff has got his routines (6am cuddles and breakfast, 8am strolls). He loves to spend endless time in the sun or “chills” on the roof. Grandpa is at home with him most of the time but when he hears a car coming home, it is a big ‘hello’ every time. We all have different duties. Endless supply of food and playing is Tina´s duty and Brent is his partner in crime.

Thanks again for the great work you do for ANY animal.

Best wishes,

Mr Jeff’s family

Good day,

My name is Mr Jeff, remember me? I am the older gentleman with the white socks and ginger suit. I would like to thank the SPCA team for looking so well and long after me. And to my good friend Inspector Jeff, thanks for everything you did for me. You must not worry. I wrapped the new family around my paw and I am king of the house.

Tail up, thanks guys!

Mr Jeff

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