Message from Moyo

It is sad to see how the rising cost of living and pet care is affecting so many families and their pets. It’s one of the reasons that more people and animal welfare organisations are surrendering their strays to the SPCA.

Our doors are always open to them. We don’t turn any animal away because this will only lead to more suffering and more animals, breeding, on the streets. There are already thousands of homeless animals struggling to survive because their owners don’t want them, or haven’t spayed or neutered them.

We can’t rescue our way out of this pet overpopulation crisis. We also won’t ‘warehouse’ our way out of it – that’s cruel and inhumane. One of the proactive steps we’re taking is through our sterilisation programmes. Our animal hospital sterilises as many as 580 animals a month, with the help of donors like you. We receive no funding from government and your regular support is our lifeblood. Thank you!

Paw Patrol Newsletter 2nd Edition 2023 - Animal Admission Stats

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in animal admissions this year.

If all this talk about homeless animals makes you want to adopt a new pet, please visit us! Our Adoption Facilities are always full of beautiful animals looking for a friendly human to love. 

Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana
Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana CEO Cape of Good Hope SPCA