New hope for Mona and Foal

When a cart horse was subject to a merciless whipping on Strandfontein Road, we received several calls from motorists alarmed about the safety of the pony. The cart driver was continuously whipping her to get her to move faster.

The caring callers followed the pony and cart, while staying on the line to direct our Inspectorate. Their brave sleuthing allowed Inspector Lwazi Ntungele to swiftly locate and apprehend the culprits. He gathered evidence and ensured the pony was not removed from the scene while he waited for backup. It soon arrived in the form of Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse and Horse Care Unit Supervisor Tracy Knox, who confiscated the gentle creature using a horsebox.

The pony – who we named Mona – was surrendered to the SPCA a few days later. We discovered that Mona is pregnant and we are ensuring this mother-to-be is loved and cared for while we await her foal. Thanks to the motorists, not only were we able to save Mona from a lifetime of cruelty, but we may well have saved her foal from the same fate.

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