Sailing open seas, together

SPCA - CEO Moyo Ndukwana


Here’s wishing a happy 2023 to you and your loved ones, whether furry, finned, smooth or scaled! It is a great comfort to know that we have supporters like you standing with us at the helm of our ship, ready and willing to answer the call to prevent cruelty to animals.

As we head into the open waters of 2023, we feel a little more apprehensive than before. We are seeing escalating animal cruelty, not only in numbers but in the severity of cruelty.

To meet these challenges, our focus will be on proactive interventions of our Inspectorate and Mobile Clinics. We aim to increase our presence in the field and employ more Inspectors; and increase our fleet of Mobile Clinics in impoverished communities. These clinics render vital primary health care and help alleviate the suffering of animals.

As you can guess, these interventions require more manpower, more vehicles, more fuel and more funding – and we hope that we can count on your valued support.  As we trust in you, know that you can trust in the culture of care that forms our every action at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana
Cape of Good Hope SPCA