Softly into the dog fighting world

Dog fighting is a cruel underground activity that is unfortunately on the rise in communities across the country, including the Cape Flats. Dogs suffer terrible injuries and most of them live miserable lives, caged or chained in bad living conditions.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspectorate team has been taking a soft approach to this crime, by going into Cape Flats communities to help animals with basic care and educate community members on dog fighting. Our team is conducting bi-weekly outreach programmes and these visits have come to be welcomed by the community and many animals and pet owners’ benefit. Our aim is not only to help animals – but to build trust so that more dog-fighting cases will be reported to the SPCA.

We offer a reward of up to R5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of dog fighters – but we depend on individuals to be our ‘eyes and ears’ and report cruelty. We will act – but we can only do so if we know about it.

Call to report cruelty:

021 700 4158 or 021 700 4159  Business hours 
083 326 1604 After-hours emergencies

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