Summer is here and with that we want to help you to make sure your pets are cool, happy and healthy during the hottest of days.

If you’re feeling hot then it’s guaranteed your pet is also feeling the heat, so please follow these tips to keep your pet from suffering fatal effects of heat stroke.


  1. Provide cold water at all times.
  2. NEVER leave your animals in a car at any time of the year.
  3. Offer your dogs a covered area outside which adequately protects them from direct sunlight.
  4. Please ensure your pool is equipped with a secure, animal friendly pool cover to prevent any animals in need of cooling down from potentially falling into water and drowning.
  5. When travelling with animals ensure you stop every hour for a stretch, water break and fresh air.
  6. Provide your pet with safe and secure transport carrier when travelling so they are kept safe, calm and comfortable at all times.
  7. Provide a comfy blanket and some chew toys to help your pet feel secure.
  8. Exercise your dog before a long journey to burn off some energy.
  9. Consider a calming tablet which can be bought at our vet shops for nervous dogs on the move.
  10. Make sure your pet is tagged and microchipped in case they escape the vehicle and are lost. This will make it much easier to reunite with your pet.