Dogs for Adoption

Our kennels are filled with many wonderful breeds of dogs, all looking for good homes, and if you see any you are interested in, click on the enquiry button on their page and an SPCA representative will contact you to set up an appointment.

For more information about a pet, contact our Adoption Centre on 0217004152 or email

If you own other dogs they will need to be sterilised

Dogs for Adoption

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  • Bolt

    Bolt is a very friendly and energetic little young male adult Jack Russell. He has a lovely temperament, and is a curious young boy, who is always exploring and will be keen to join you on every adventure – big or small.

    Bolt has LOADS of energy, so will need an active home environment, preferably with an individual/family who know what to expect from a young Jack Russell. He is also very intelligent, and would love the chance to impress you at big puppy training classes.

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  • Stella

    Stella is a very active little terrier cross, with a sweet and sassy nature. This lovely girl can be a bit shy and anxious when she meets new people, but warms up quickly, and just loves to give and receive affection! 💕

    Stella is a busy, people-oriented dog, who enjoys spending time lots of time with her humans. She will do well with a new owner(s) who is home a lot, so she can get all the attention she craves! A delightful, energetic, and sweet-natured dog, who will make such a special companion!

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  • Monty

    MONTY is a happy, playful and very sweet male terrier cross, who is super excited to meet his forever family! With his scruffy eyebrows and lovely nature, Monty is a real little character. At around 7 months old, Monty is very much still a bouncy, big puppy at heart – he is all paws and bounce!

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  • Jet

    JET is a gorgeous young male crossbreed, who loves people and human contact! He has a stunning gentle and affectionate personality, and is eager to learn and please. Found as a stray and never claimed, Jet is now looking for a home where he can be an integral part of the family, and spend lots of time with his human companions

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  • Lenny

    LENNY is a independent and active young male crossbreed, who is about 2 years old, and looking for a relaxed and calm home. With his gorgeous soft coat and soulful eyes, Lenny is such a handsome little fellow, who can’t wait to experience life as a much-loved, inside doggie! 💕

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  • Milo

    MILO is a handsome, small, young adult terrier cross who is looking for a very special, understanding, calm and loving forever home!

    Milo has come really far in the last few months, and is making great strides in rebuilding confidence in himself, and the world around him  While working with our behaviorist and spending time with our volunteers, Milo has come out of his shell, and learnt that not all sounds are bad, and there is love to be experienced in the world.

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  • Paris

    PARIS is a beautiful 3 month old female Africanis cross puppy who is ready for her forever home! Paris was very ill when she was rescued as a teeny tiny pup, and has shown great tenacity in her remarkable recovery. Fast forward a few months, and she is an utterly adorable, sweet and wriggly little lady 

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  • Wally

    Wally is a handsome, sensitive, adult male boomer cross, who is medium in size, and looking for a special home 💕

    Wally was rescued in terrible state of neglect, with a matted coat and a sad soul. He has come along in small leaps and bounds, and is a curious and gentle boy, who warms up quickly once he knows you.

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  • Sally

    Sally is a gorgeous, inquisitive small-breed Shepherd/Africanis cross. She is a very sweet and loving young girl, who loves attention!

    Sally is curious, shy and excitable; she is interested in everything around her, and loves her outdoor time. Sally will be best suited to an active family environment, perhaps with a male doggie friend or two to show her the ropes.

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  • Winnie

    Winnie is an absolutely beautiful Africanis/ Greyhound cross. This sleek, energetic and very athletic youngster loves people, and is so eager to please.

    Winnie is very people-oriented, loving and super affectionate. She would love to be part of an active family, who enjoy lots of beach excursions, mountain walks, and have a spacious garden in which she can stretch her beautiful long legs, as Winnie loves to run!

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  • Gypsy

    Gypsy is a happy and playful young adult female mix breed. She is small to medium in size, with a lovely nature; Gypsy always has a big smile on her face.

    Gypsy is a friendly, wriggly, excitable girl, who is very people orientated. She’s bright, affectionate and loves a good back scratch

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  • Bobby

    Bobby is a fun and easy-going, young adult male mix breed. He is medium in size. Bobby is an enthusiastic, playful and very lively character, who will bring a lot of fun and joy to your life 

    Bobby will be well-suited to an active family, perhaps with a well-matched female dog to play with.

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