Dogs for Adoption

Our kennels are filled with many wonderful breeds of dogs, all looking for good homes, and if you see any you are interested in, click on the enquiry button on their page and an SPCA representative will contact you to set up an appointment.

For more information about a pet, contact our Adoption Centre on 0217004152 or email

If you own other dogs they will need to be sterilised

Dogs for Adoption

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  • Peggy

    Peggy is a happy, playful and active young adult Jack Russell cross, who was found as a stray and never claimed. Peggy is now looking for a loving and fun-loving forever home to call her own 💕

    Peggy is a typical, energetic little terrier, who enjoys exploring and playing with her toys, as well as cuddle time with her favourite humans 🙂

    She is energetic and bouncy, and will enjoy, and benefit from some basic training and positive reinforcement. Peggy is a lively, sweet-natured and affectionate dog, who is loads of fun to spend time with. She will make a fabulous family pet and companion.

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  • Chloe

    Chloe is a stunning young adult female Malamute who is looking for an adventurous and fun-loving forever home! Chloe is around 2-years-old, and is an active dog with an independent nature, who will be an absolute joy to have by your side! 💕

    Chole has a playful and silly side, and she will keep you entertained with her antics 🙂 She is super smart, enjoys time spent with people and will be a great companion and energy expeller for older kids. She will make the best walking/jogging companion,and can’t wait to join you on your evening beach walks or forest runs.

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  • Jango

    Jango is a dashingly handsome adult male basset hound who would love to find a home where he can get lots of love and attention 💕

    Jango is a real character, and oh so sweet! He has quite a lot of energy too, so he may enjoy a well-matched female doggy to play with and keep him company in his new home 🙂

    Jango will thrive in a calm, quiet environment, with no kids, where his owners are at home a lot, and he can really enjoy the good life! 💕An absolutely delightful companion!

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  • Floyd

    Floyd is such a special boy! About 2 years old, this handsome male crossbreed has a huge heart and so much love to share!!! 💕

    Floyd was found as a stray and never claimed, and is now looking for an active, fun-loving individual / family with lots of space in their heart(s) for cuddle champion and big softy, Floyd!

    Floyd is a smart and sensitive boy, who has a comedic side, and will surely keep his new family entertained with his funny antics 🙂 Floyd is active and enjoys time having fun outdoors. He requires a well-secured property, daily exercise and lots of positive reinforcement and TLC in his new home.

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  • Queenie

    Queenie is such a lovely, sweet-natured and cuddly girl! Found as a stray and never claimed, corgi-cross, Queenie, is now looking for a relaxed and loving home, where she can be the centre of attention and get lots of love and cuddles! 💕

    Queenie loves people and human contact, all she really wants is a loving owner and endless tickles and cuddles. She enjoys her daily walks, but is equally happy to sit in your lap and enjoy some TV and chill time 

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  • Roxy

    Roxy is a very friendly, playful and loving female Jack Russell, with a super loving nature. She is about 2.5 years old, and is a curious youngster girl, who enjoys her walks and runs, and time spent exploring outdoors. She has a lovely temperament, and is so affectionate and loving once she feels comfortable with you 💕

    Roxy is an energetic, busy little lady, who will need an active home environment, preferably with an individual/family who know what to expect from a young Jack Russell. 

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  • Mickey

    Micky is a teeny tiny, super sweet and sassy, adult male min pin, who is looking for a loving home, where he can get loads of attention and be a special part of the family! 💕

    Micky is an active, bouncy and excitable little guy. He has a lovely, affectionate and engaging personality, and once he trusts you, will want to be around you all the time! 

    Micky is a stunning little boy, who will make such a special companion!

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  • Thunder

    Thunder is a big, gorgeous, scruffy adult male dog, who has been surrendered into our care and is now looking for a patient and large-breed dog-savvy home! 💕

    Thunder has a heart of gold! This 5-year-old charmer is a rough diamond, who needs a special and experienced owner to show him how to be a good boy. Thunder is a very strong dog, who will need an active and confident owner, lots of love and positive reinforcement to thrive in his new home.

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  • Steven

    Steven is a handsome and friendly young adult Jack Russell cross, with an active and playful spirit. Steven is a small, independent boy, who is about 2 years old, and looking for a relaxed and understanding home to call his own 💕

    Steven is a proud and energetic little dog who likes his own company, and really enjoys playtime and chasing a ball, or three!  He is a little reserved in kennels, and takes a while to trust new people, but with a patient, understanding owner and some time to settle into his new home, Steven will come out of his shell, and reveal his playful, friendly and attention-seeking side! 

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  • Noodle

    Noodle is a stunning little adult female Jack Russell, with a sparkling personality and the cutest little smile. Noodle is about 5 years old and will make a fantastic family pet! 💕

    Noodle is great with kids, and this busy little lady can’t wait to meet her forever family. This adorable girl has a BIG personality and loves to be the centre of attention. She is active and will require a well-secured home, as she can slip through the smallest spaces. 

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  • Becca

    Becca is a lovely, sweet-natured, 3 year old pom cross who is looking for a loving home, where she can be the centre of attention and get lots of love and cuddles! 💕

    What can we say about Becca, other than that she is just the sweetest little lady around!! She is socialised with other dogs, but really loves humans! Becca is very people-focused; she loves human contact, and all she really wants is a loving owner and endless tummy tickles and cuddles.

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  • Bob

    Bob is a teeny tiny adult male terrier/pom cross who is looking for an understanding, quiet and relaxed forever home! Bob is a dapper little gent, who enjoys human company, and can’t wait to have one or two of his very own 💕

    Bob is a lovely little character, who will creep right into your heart, and onto your lap  He enjoys his tickles, treats and daily walks; he also craves human attention, and will need lots of it in his new home. 

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