Our Services

The SPCA aims to protect all animals from cruelty, neglect and ill treatment. Living up to our mission necessitates the work of many different units within the SPCA, which together ensure that animal welfare is upheld.

Our Services

Animal Hospital

Our services include excellent veterinary care at our premises in Grassy Park and a fleet of four Mobile Clinics that serve indigent communities in the Cape Metropole.

Charity & Vet Shops

There could perhaps be no better deal around – a shopping experience which leaves you feeling as good on the outside, as on the inside.

Shop for your pet at your closest SPCA Vet Shop – 6 Gabriel Road, Plumstead or at our new premises in Grassy Park – and help in our care at the same time!


Our team of dedicated education officers take the multi-award winning SPCA Ani-Pal Education programme to thousands of young learners across Cape Town.


Farmyard & Horse Care Unit

Our Farmyard was opened in June 2011. It provides shelter and care for stray and confiscated farm animals.

More than just a stable yard, the SPCA Horse Care Unit established in 1995, is a refuge for neglected and abandoned equines, whose lives are restored by the dedicated, patient efforts of many.


Feral Cat Service

We believe that feral cats deserve care-taking just as much as the cats with whom we share our homes.


Inspectorate Department

Our Inspectorate is comprised of Inspectors, Controllers and Control Officers who respond to approximately 115 animal cruelty/ distress alerts daily (55 000 annually) and operate all year round 24 hours per day.

Lost and Found

All unwanted, abandoned, stray, seized, confiscated and impounded cats and dogs from the greater Cape Town area are admitted to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.


Mobile Clinics

Our SPCA Mobile Clinics are a critical component of our commitment to deliver care to those most in need.


Wildlife Facility

We are committed to our credo that wild animals belong in the wild. Our Wildlife Inspectors therefore work to help wild animals in distress, and to bring an end to the illegal keeping, import and sale of exotic animals as pets.

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