Animal Hospital

Our services include excellent veterinary care at our premises in Grassy Park and a fleet of four Mobile Clinics that serve indigent communities in the Cape Metropole.

Helping People and Pets

Staffed by three vets and a team of animal welfare assistants and orderlies, our Animal Hospital based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town provides excellent medical treatment for sick and injured animals. Many of these are animals brought to the SPCA by our Inspectors or by owners who are unable to afford a private vet.

Sadly, we are seeing an increase in the number of people qualifying for special SPCA hospital rates, as pet owners struggle to make ends meet. Often their animals are the only source of comfort in times of hardship.

Our hospital treats thousands of animals every year, and we rely on contributions from our loyal donors and corporate partners to subsidise veterinary care for pets of poorer owners.

Opening Hours

Weekdays 08h00-16h00

Saturdays 08h00-12h00

Sundays and Public Holidays 08h00-12h00 EMERGENCIES ONLY

Please ensure that your pet is brought in 30 minutes before closing in order to be attended to.

Careers in veterinary medicine

Please visit the South African Veterinary Council website for further information –

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Call: 021 700 4145/64




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