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I pledge not to look away and to report the following to the COGH SPCA:
POPI Consent(Required)

Dog Fighting

is Cruel and Illegal

Help us protect innocent animals who do not have a voice and are subjected to incredible cruelty in the name of “sport and entertainment”.

Warning Signs:

Puncture wounds, swollen face and cropped or mangled ears


We need concerned citizens to report any activities that may be linked to dog fighting

021 700 4158/9

083 326 1604 after hours

Your call will be treated confidentially

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Thank you for your donation to help us continue the fight to eradicate dog fighting, and help make this a better world for our animals.


Dog fighting is an inhumane blood-sport where dogs, who have been bred, conditioned and trained to fight, are pitted against each other to fight. In most cases dog fights are for spectator entertainment and financial gain.

Dog fighting is a thriving underground crime that may be happening in your community without you even knowing about it!

Most dogs that are used for fighting live a miserable life where they are kept chained or caged in poor living conditions for most of their lives.

Medinox sponsors the Cape of Good Hope SPCA by covering the salary of one full-time Inspector in Cape Town, who is dedicated to fighting the dog fighting cause.