• – Speak to your neighbours. Make flyers and distribute in your neighbourhood.
  • – Speak to your neighbourhood watch and ask everyone to be on the look-out for your pet. If possible post a photograph of your missing pet.
  • – Report the missing pet to ALL of the veterinary practices in and around your area.
  • – Report the missing pet to ALL animal welfare organisations and the police.
  • – Do not assume that because you have reported the incident to one organization that that’s enough. We all work independently.
  • – We would discourage the payment of a financial reward as this incentivizes thieves.
  • – Log the incident on the City’s Petfinder Website.
  • – Ensure that your property is safe and secure.
  • – Ensure that your pets are readily identifiable by means of a collar and name tag and microchip.
  • – Have your pets sterilised. Unsterilised animals are prone to straying in search of a mate.
  • – If you are going away, consider booking your pets into a boarding facility.
  • – Never leave your pets in the care of strangers always choose a reputable pet-sitter.

Missing Pets

Lost and Found Animals

The City of Cape Town no longer admits cats and dogs to the state managed Atlantis Pound.

All unwanted, abandoned, stray, seized, confiscated and impounded cats and dogs from the greater Cape Town area are admitted to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

If your pet has gone missing there is a good chance that it may be with us.

A person who rescues a stray animal is obliged to report the date and time of the rescue and a description of the animal to the Council within twenty four hours.

A person who rescues a stray animal is obliged to admit the animal to the Pound. Finders may not retain possession of the found animal unless due process has been followed.

To report a lost pet or to find out if your pet is with us, please call our Lost and Found Department on (021) 700 4166 or send an email to lostandfound@spca-ct.co.za

If stray companion animals e.g. cats and dogs are not claimed within ten days and stray farmyard animals are not claimed within 30 days, they will go through the adoption process.

A minimum release fee of R500.00 is charged when any animal is claimed. The fee is used to help cover the costs of collection, care, micro-chipping and sterilisation.

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