From Heartache to Hope: A Tails Up Club Winner’s Journey of Love and Giving

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The Heartwarming Story of Lindi Bergh: A True Animal Lover and Tails Up Club Winner

In a world where compassion and generosity often go hand in hand, the SPCA stands as a beacon of hope for countless animals in need. With a resolute mission to ensure the well-being of animals and prevent their suffering, we employ various avenues to fund our vital initiatives. One such avenue is our Tails Up Club Lottery, a monthly draw that not only offers participants a chance to win a substantial prize but also contributes to the betterment of animals’ lives.

The concept is simple yet impactful. For just R50, donors can purchase a Tails Up Club ticket and enter the monthly draw to win R10,000. The funds collected through this initiative bolster the SPCA’s efforts to rescue, protect, and provide care to animals that have experienced cruelty or neglect.

And this month, the winner of the Tails Up Club is a truly remarkable individual – Lindi Bergh.

Lindi’s connection to the SPCA runs deep. Before the lockdown era, she dedicated her time as a volunteer for several years. Her love for animals is undeniable, and all of her pets have been rescues, a testament to her commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals that have faced hardship.

However, life sometimes has a way of testing our hearts even in moments of joy.

On the day Lindi received the news of being the Tails Up Club winner, her heart was heavy. Just two hours before the call, she had to bid a tearful farewell to her fourth little dog companion, Casper. In her own words,

“I was in a pretty bad state.” Casper had crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving Lindi with aching loss.

In the midst of her grief, Lindi found an extraordinary way to honour the memory of her beloved Casper. She decided to donate R5000 back to the SPCA, a generous act that reflects not only her love for animals but also her recognition of the SPCA’s invaluable work. This gift was not just a financial contribution; it was a poignant tribute to the furry friend who had left an indelible mark on her heart.

But life’s challenges were not done testing Lindi’s strength. A few days later, she had to bid another painful farewell, this time to Roxy, another cherished member of her animal family.

The R5000 donation she made to the SPCA in memory of Casper was now extended to honour both Casper and Roxy, a testament to the bond that animals forge with us and the lasting impact they have on our lives.

As we reflect on Lindi’s story, we are reminded of the profound connections we share with our animal companions.

Through the Tails Up Club, Lindi’s gesture not only celebrates the memory of Casper and Roxy but also ensures that their legacy lives on in the lives of other animals that the SPCA will be able to help.

Lindi Bergh’s story is a shining example of how our love for animals transcends boundaries and propels us to make a difference, even in the face of heartache.

Her generous donation will undoubtedly contribute to the SPCA’s mission and serve as a lasting tribute to the animals she held dear.

The Tails Up Club not only offers a chance to win but also showcases the incredible compassion of individuals like Lindi. Her journey, marked by love, loss, and a deep connection to animals, serves as an inspiration for us all to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The SPCA and its Tails Up Club continue to unite animal lovers in a shared mission of creating a brighter future for animals in need.

Tails Up Club Lottery

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Ticket holders stand a chance to win their share of R120 000 prize money with all proceeds earmarked to support mobile clinic presence and operation in high burden, high need areas within the Cape Town Metropole.

Animal lovers can now engage a win–win campaign that will directly increase sterilisations, vaccinations as well as treatment of minor ailments including deworming, tick and flea management with a once off R600 ticket valid for 12 months or a monthly R50 subscription to the Rising Stars Tails Up Club.  

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In this poignant photo shared by Tails Up Club winner Lindi Bergh, we see Casper and Roxy side by side enjoying their dinner, a testament to the friendship they shared and the joy they brought into Lindi's life. This image now stands as a symbol of resilience, love, and the profound impact that animals have on our lives.

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