SPCA Tails Up Club Lottery: Celebrating Generosity and Supporting Animal Welfare

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Committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of animals, our primary goal is to eradicate animal cruelty, advance their welfare, and raise awareness among the public regarding the significance of treating animals with compassion and reverence. One of the ways we raise funds is through our Tails Up Club Lottery.

The Tails Up Club Lottery offers a monthly chance to win R10,000 by purchasing a R50 ticket. The funds generated from the Tails Up Club Lottery ticket sales are directed towards sustaining and expanding our Mobile Clinic presence, providing medical attention to pets in underserved and economically disadvantaged regions across the Cape Town Metropole.

On the 15th of June, 2023, we contacted Mr. Anthony Jones, the latest winner of the Tails Up Club. His reaction upon receiving the news was a mixture of extreme surprise and pure elation.

“You lie! That’s such good news,” he exclaimed.

Mr. Jones has been a dedicated supporter of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA since July 2015, demonstrating his passion for animals and his commitment to their well-being.

Not only is Mr. Jones a loyal supporter, but he also shares a deep love for animals in his personal life. He has five beloved pets: three cats and two dogs. In fact, he was kind enough to share some heartwarming photos of his furry family members with the SPCA.

Accompanying the photos, Mr. Jones conveyed his appreciation and gratitude, stating, “Wow, what a pleasant and unexpected surprise! It has been a pleasure making a donation to the SPCA. I commend all of you on the excellent work you do in caring for the animals. We appreciate your efforts and commitment. Best wishes!!”

We were touched by Mr. Jones’ heartfelt messages which reaffirmed the impact that the SPCA has on the lives of both animals and the individuals who support their cause. In another email expressing his gratitude, he says, “Thank you ever so much. We love the SPCA.”.

The story of Mr. Jones and his unexpected win through the Tails Up Club serves as a reminder of the incredible difference that can be made through acts of generosity. By purchasing a R50 ticket, Mr. Jones not only had the opportunity to win a substantial sum but also contributed to the SPCA’s tireless efforts to improve the lives of animals in need.

The SPCA extends our congratulations to Mr. Jones on his win and we wish to express gratitude for his continuous support, along with our appreciation to all the donors who contribute to the Tails Up Club.

It is YOUR generosity that makes our work possible!

The SPCA Tails Up Club is a shining example of how a small donation can have a profound impact on the lives of animals. It brings joy and surprises to the winners while supporting the SPCA’s mission to ensure the well-being and safety of animals.

Together, with passionate supporters like Mr. Anthony Jones, the SPCA continues to make a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Tails Up Club Lottery

Cape of Good Hope SPCA wants to roll out the red carpet of service delivery with the Prestigious Tails Up Club Lottery. 

Ticket holders stand a chance to win their share of R120 000 prize money with all proceeds earmarked to support mobile clinic presence and operation in high burden, high need areas within the Cape Town Metropole.

Animal lovers can now engage a win–win campaign that will directly increase sterilisations, vaccinations as well as treatment of minor ailments including deworming, tick and flea management with a once off R600 ticket valid for 12 months or a monthly R50 subscription to the Rising Stars Tails Up Club.  

You can sign-up online at to stand a chance to win you share of the R120 000 with the monthly draw of R10 000 paid to the lucky ticket holder.

"Thank you ever so much. We love the SPCA."

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